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Our medical experts at BSH promise to provide honest and exceptional care.

Floor Information

Joint Clinic

  • 7FOutdoor Resting Area
  • 7FInpatient, CT Imaging, MRI III, Resting Area
  • 7FInpatient, Inpatient Physical Therapy, Resting Area
  • 7FSurgery
  • 7FExam Room, Internal Medicine, Diagnostics Lab, Prosthetic Design Clinic, MRI I, MRI II, Ultrasound, Imaging
  • 7FJoint Registration/Cashier, Exam room, Surgery Consultation, Administration, Treatment Room
  • 7FStaff Cafeteria/Auditorium, Meeting Room, Parking
  • 7FParking
  • 7FParking

Spine Clinic

  • 7FParking
  • 7FOutdoor Resting Area
  • 7FRehabilitation Treatment Center (Exercise Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy, Physical Therapy)
  • 7FSpine Registration/Cashier, Exam Room, Family Medicine, Surgery Consultation, Recovery Room, Imaging
  • 7FPharmacy
  • 7FAdministrative Support Team, Meeting Room

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