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About Our Small Joint Clinic

Our medical experts at BSH promise to provide honest and exceptional care.

About Our Small Joint Clinic

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    Prioritize Nonsurgical treatment options

    - 96.5% Recovery Rate in Nonsurgical Treatment

    - Prefer Treatment Options that Preserves Patient’s Spine

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    Inter-specialty Collaborative System with Specialists from 6 different Areas (Ortho · Neuro · Rehab)

    - Accurate Diagnosis that catches oversights and misdiagnoses from other hospitals

    - Holds Medical Conference over five times a week

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    Distinguished Medical team internationally recognized for their Academic and Clinical Research Achievements

    - Steadily publishes on International Medical Journals and Symposiums

    - Recognized for outstanding Medical Technology through International fellow education

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    Experts in Each Specialty

    - Designated Hand Surgery Training Hospital for fellows by the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand

    - Doctors with University Professor Backgrounds with Rich clinical and surgical experience

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    Step-by-Step Pre-op to Post-op Treatment Program

    - Differentiated Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Program to support full post-surgery recovery

Obtained the 3 Major Certifications by the Ministry of Health & Welfare

  • mark of Specialty Hospital of Korea for Joint Care

    Specialty Hospital of Korea for Joint Care

    We provide quality care for conditions of high difficulty and complexity within the Joint Specialty
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    Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality Hospital

    Our medical services are recognized to be high in quality and safety
  • mark of Specialty Hospital of Korea for Joint Care

    Comprehensive Nursing Service Hospital

    Professional Nursing Staff is available for care and services 24/7